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Praise for Revolutionary Productivity

“With her book, Katie Mazzocco moves the reader from overwhelm to freedom, where anything is possible with the correct systems and support in place.”

- Jen Levitz of Automate with Love

“I was most moved by how clearly you peg the thoughts that loom in my mind as an entrepreneur. In fact, you illustrated struggles that I have experienced that I wasn’t even able to put into words, let alone tell anyone that I was feeling.”

- Bailey Frumen of Bailey Frumen

“It's not just about producitivity but is about awareness, recognition, self-reflection, and emotional maturity. We need to be open to know what's NOT working to do something about it.”

- Dolores Hirschmann of Dolores Hirschmann

“We MUST have systems to be productive and grow our businesses, so that our companies can IMPACT the world.”

- Kellie Poulsen-Grill’s of Happy Success Retreats

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About Katie Mazzocco

Katie Mazzocco, the Small Business Systems Strategist, is the founder of the Revolutionary Productivity Academy™, creator of the Revolutionary Productivity Process™ and CEO of

In her programs, Katie teaches her proven, step-by-step system the Revolutionary Productivity Process™ that shows small business owners how to save two hours a day or more in their small business and increase their income and impact in the world. Katie’s mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to avoid burnout and achieve a balanced, loving and abundant life while thriving in their business.